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Hard Hat Diving

Hard Hat Diving While you probably think Diving is all about leisurely fun and excitement, it plays vital roles in some of the most crucial activities underwater.

Hard Hat Diving started with the boom in Commercial Diving in the 1960s and 1970s. Because of the discovery of vast fuel resource underwater, the demand for professional divers to maintain and operate underwater machinery rose immediately, creating jobs for many divers.

Hard Hat Diving is usually done for serious underwater jobs such as drilling, repair, and salvage. Professional divers are equipped with a special suit that allows them to be underwater for a longer time than a common Diving suit could provide. Because of the compressed air provided in the helmet, the diver is allowed to breathe normally with an internal pressure that is equal to that of the water. Hard hat equipment also provides more stability and air supply than a common scuba suit. A professional hard hat diver could work in a depth of five meters and stay there for an entire day. The only drawback is that it does not allow great mobility to the diver like what typical Diving Gear can provide.Because of the many advantages of using hard hat equipment, it is more costly than the gear used in other types of Diving.

Most hard hat equipment weighs around 90kg on land, but definitely cancels its weight and even gives the diver a lift underwater. Equipment used in Hard Hat Diving includes the head unit (helmet), the umbilical which is used for the breathing gas, heat, and communication, the insulation and harness, and the wet and dry bell. There are other tools used, depending on the underwater job - welding rods, as well as cutting and burning tools. This type of Diving uses the same weighing system used in scuba suits. It also makes use of mixed gases, specifically helium-oxygen mixture. This enables the diver to dive to greater depths for a longer period of time.

If you are interested in this kind of Diving, a Hard Hat Diving training is necessary. Training begins with basic Recreational Scuba Diving course and progresses to Commercial Diving course. Depending on your preferred specialty, you may take special courses on underwater welding, cutting, drilling, and more. Training curriculum varies in different countries, and it lasts for several weeks. Pursuing a career in Hard Hat Diving is exciting but not exactly lucrative. Because of the advancement in technology, most underwater machineries no longer require operators and maintenance help from humans.

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