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Cave Diving - Dangers

Cave Diving - Dangers Cave Diving is a pretty safe activity if done correctly. That is why it requires technical planning and special training.

In general, cave diving accident and other dangerous and life-threatening situations may occur once you violate the rules. Here are some of the dangers in Cave Diving:

  • Failure to run a continuous guideline that will lead Divers towards the cave entrance poses great danger. In fact, it is considered as one of the most common direct causes of cave diving deaths.

  • The ceilings of caves make it impossible for you to take ascents immediately in case of emergencies. You have to swim horizontally towards the entrance of the cave before you can make a direct ascent to the water surface. This is the reason why Cave Diving is considered as a form of Penetration Diving wherein the Diver goes into space in which he cannot make a direct vertical ascent.

  • Loss of sight due to light failure can delay your cave dive and turn it into a horrible one. Darkness can make Divers panicky and they may lose the guideline because of low visibility.

  • You may experience low visibility as you go further into the cave. Caves also have sand, mud, and silt that when enthused, your environment may turn murky before you know it.

  • Your movement will be limited due to narrow spaces to go through. Caves usually have tight passages as you go further.

Though natural elements are inevitable and can lead you to dangerous situations, the safety of the dive generally depends on the Cave Diver. Knowing these dangers can make you on your guard. You have undergone special training so you should know better the consequences if you fail to follow the Main Rules in Cave Diving.

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